Design Process

Design & Web Development Process

Design & Development Process

The Design Process will give the client an insight view on how the development construction will feel like once you order a service from us.

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Step One: Interest

The first step is to submit a Free Online Quote to us with as much detail as possible. Please take your time and be precise; the more information the better the results after review. Include some information about yourself, your business and what you want us to develop. After you have successfully submitted a quote to us, we will review your request and contact you back with an estimated quote price and with information.

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Step Two: Gathering Information

Once you have agreed for us to develop your web site or design, a deposit of half the quoted price must be sent to us. This step must be done before the Design Construction Process can get underway. Other methods of deposit can be negotiated if you can not afford half of the quoted price up front. Once we receive your deposit, if requested we will then add you to InterVoltClient V2 where the Development stages will get underway.

Step Three: Development

Construction of your web site or design will now be started and all information collected from your quote will be put into effect. Will we email you previews of your web site or design being developed. Clients can then supply us with feedback on the construction process and let us know what they like, what they want changed, added, or gotten rid of. Once the client is satisfied the Design Construction Process ends and publishing commences.

Step Four: Finalization & Publishing Service

Before final publishing can be done, the final half of the quoted price must be sent to us. Once we have received the payment, the client is given a choice to either let us publish their web site OR send the finished product to the client via email or CD. Final thoughts and feedback will then be collected and the project would be set to Completed/Closed. If you are in need of updates for your web site we do offer Web site Maintenance packages.